We have developed the UK’s only self powering and complete stand alone CCTV tower which needs no power, cables or internet connection and can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world and if any intruder breaches the site they can be given a verbal warning via the outdoor speakers and warned off.
Why choose a remotely monitored two way communication, wind / solar powered CCTV guard ttower?
They are more efficient, provide a far higher level of service and they cost a fraction of the price of a guard.

With the most advanced computer based CCTV, DVR remote monitoring systems UK Security Patrol can protect your site from our control room and with the on site public address system, our operators can warn intruders not to enter the site and let them know they are being recorded monitored and reported to the Police.

No Health and Safety to worry about or amenities for a guard.

Towers cannot be threatened or taken by surprise like a guard if an intruder breaches the perimeter the sensors are activated and the Police are called immediately something a guard cannot do if intruders sneak up to his cabin.

No expensive generators on the site or fuel required for generators which are very attractive to thiefs.

Monitored and all incidents remotely recorded in a Nuclear Bunker for completely secure data storage.
Reduce your cash flow, get your site guarded with this tower from £4.00 per hour.

This is the future of guarding your remote locations