All UK Trade & Industry Members Are Encouraged To Business Network

We think it is a good idea for members to network with each other, for instance if an Estate Agent needs a tradesman, where better to find one than on here.

In a world where it is hard to build trust and relationships, we hope all members can feel they are on an even footing with each other and can be approached if this is something they would like.

Make sure you have selected the ‘Business Networking’ check box when submitting your business listing.

If a business has not selected the ‘Business Networking’ then please to do not contact them about networking.

All networking is done at members own volition.

To find a business who is networking, visit the listings page and select the business category, country, and location, then select the ‘Business Networking’ check box in the ‘filter by features’ list.

Please make sure that you verify the person you are talking to is an accredited member of UK Trade & Industry Awards before you do any networking with them.

We expect all members to treat each other with respect, providing each other a great deal and service. However, if a member does not live up to the high standards expected, it could affect their rating on this site.

If there a complaint is made against another member and there has been a serious breach of ethics, then that could result in a member’s rating being reduced to zero.