How We Rate Our Business Listings

   We will not accredit a business who is not able to achieve the minimum entry rating

  1. Firstly, we establish who owns the business and what type of business it is, for example: a limited company, PLC, partnership or sole trader, and how long they have been trading.
  2. We cross check the information we are given with Companies House.
  3. We check out their website, social media and any other review material we can find, looking at how authentic it appears.
  4. We check the authenticity of any awards or accreditations the business has. Only businesses with a Trustmark accreditation, or similar trading standards accreditation, can obtain a platinum rating. 
  5. We test the business’s customer service over the telephone to see how polite and helpful they are.
  6. We look at the range of services they offer and opening times.
  7. We visit hotels and restaurants, acting as a secret shopper to test their services.
  8. For businesses in the construction sector, we verify service and workmanship of 4 recent projects with their recent customers.
  9. We then give the business a registration number and a rating based on what we find.
  10. All businesses listed will also be entered into the annual awards for their business category, with the top 5 businesses in each category awarded for their outstanding work and customer satisfaction, with an overall winner. 

Company Ratings

81 to 100 (Level 5 Platinum Rating)

61 to 80   (Level 4 Gold Rating)

41 to 60   (Level 3 Silver Rating)

21 to 40   (Level 2 Advanced Rating)

1    to 20   (Level 1 Starter Rating)

Ratings Explained

Platinum Rating: A business with exceptional standards of products, services and customer service

Gold Rating: A business with high standards of products, services and customer service

Silver Rating: A business with upper levels of standards of products, services and customer service

Advanced Rating: A business with progressive improving standards of products, services and customer service

Starter Rating: A business on the path to achieving high  standards of products, services and customer service.