How To Buy A Package And Get Accredited

Package Information

There are 3 packages on offer – Standard, Professional and Premium – and you can find all the relevant details here.  (click here).

We recommend our Premium package as it is the most comprehensive. We will create your listing, get your checks done quickly and you will receive a rating within 10 days.

If you want a Premium package, call or email us with your contact details and we will get back to you ASAP.

With our Standard package, the procedure takes longer, and you receive fewer features, but you can expect to obtain a rating within 30 days once you have created an account and submitted the listing yourself.

The Professional package is similar to the Standard Package, but you will be rated within 20 days and get extra support.

The rating and business verification process can be completed on time providing your business is quick to provides all the information we need to do our checks.

All packages come with a setup fee to cover the time it takes to conduct our checks.

We cannot take shortcuts on the checks and cannot give ratings out which are not merited; we need to protect the integrity of the rating system so customers will trust the ratings we give.

If we cannot give your business at least a starter rating, we will not be able to list and accredit your business.

While your business is accredited by us and listed on this site, your business has permission to use our logos, the certificate of accreditation and link to your business listing on this site from your own websites and social media pages.

Any business who has their rating withdrawn will no longer have permission to use any of our logos, our name, website and certificates.

The small monthly fee cover maintenance of the website, directory and website promotion.

We need to ensure whoever is posting a listing has the authority to do so, therefore will need confirmation from the owners or Director of a business.

All business listings will be entered into the annual awards free of charge but attending the award ceremony requires the purchase of a ticket. If you do not want to attend the award ceremony your business will still have a chance at winning their business category.

For more information on the business awards (click here)

All business listings will all have an equal chance of winning an award; a submission must be made, providing reasons why you think we should pick your business to win.

How To Submit A Listing

  1. Click on the register link and fill in your details.
  2. We have recently had to change this next step which used to work with a link being sent out to your email address which you would click on to activate your account.  We now no longer allow automatic registration due to attempts to hack this site and now your account will be approved within 24 hours by the Admin team.
  3. Once you account is approved you  will be able to login and  access  your dashboard. From there, you will be able to submit a listing by clicking on the ‘add listing’ button on the top right of the page, or by clicking on your username drop down menu.
  4. When you have selected ‘add listing’, you will be taken to the packages page.
  5. Once you have selected the package you want, you will be taken to the ‘add listing’ page.
  6. You can add a headline to your page, typically your business name and a tag line sub header, then you can input your business description, at this stage you should save your page as some people have had issues saving a page once images are added, therefore we recommend saving your page at this stage and then go back to your page then add images and any other content.
  7. You can enter your business into a maximum of 6  categories.
  8. Select the check boxes for the amenities your business offers, such as bank transfer payments, but do not select the rating box as we will do that for you once we rate your business.
  9. Click on the boxes to load your cover image, logo image and gallery images- please make sure you compress your images to ensure your page will load quickly.  For all packages you can only upload 3 gallery images, if you have purchased a premium package, we will upload your extra images for you.  Make sure your images are jpegs, suitably compressed for webpages.
  10. Select the country and region of your business location from the drop-down boxes, enter your address in the friendly location box and put your postcode into location box to select the location that matches your location from the drop-down list.
  11. Input your telephone number, email address and website address in the relevant boxes.
  12. In the business social section, you can select the social media network you use and enter the link to your social media page in the box below. Select ‘add row’ to bring up another choice of social media network. Click ‘remove’ if you do not want to add links to social media pages.
  13. Enter your business hours or select ‘open all day’ button.
  14. You can enter an optional price range, starting price or top price if you desire.
  15. It is important to enter comma separated tags as these will help customers find your business when they use the search bar on the home page. You should put in your company name followed by a comma and then enter what your company services are followed by a comma, for example: hotel, restaurant, wine, bar, company name, rooms
  16. Do not fill in the boxes for the rating, review and registration number as we will fill these in once we carry out our checks.
  17. Click on save and preview and if you want to edit the listing, you can click ‘edit listing’ or you can click on the ‘submit listing’ button.
  18. You will then be taken to the checkout page and you can fill in your name, address, etc. and then once you have read the terms and condition, tick the box to confirm.
  19. Select a payment method and you can use a PayPal account to pay for your package or if you want to pay with a debit card you can click on pay with PayPal and select pay with a debit card which you see the PayPal gateway come up. If you want to pay by bank transfer then select that option and you will be directed to a page with our bank details and once your payment has reached our account we will process your order.
  20. We will then start the process of verifying your business and doing the checks which you can see in the ‘Ratings Explained’ page (click here)
  21. Once the checks are complete and we have been able to rate your business, your listing will be made live and you will be emailed your certificate, or you can download it from your listing.