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We independently verify and rate all business listings on this site so you can be assured that they are genuine.

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How This Site Works

There is No Need To Worry About A Listing On This Site Having A Fake Rating – We Check Out All The Businesses Listed On This Site And Rate Them Ourselves Based On A Number Of Criteria. For More Information Click On  Ratings Explained  page

Company Ratings

81 to 100 (Level 5 Platinum Rating)

61 to 80   (Level 4 Gold Rating)

41 to 60   (Level 3 Silver Rating)

21 to 40   (Level 2 Advanced Rating)

1    to 20   (Level 1 Starter Rating)

Ratings Explained

Platinum: A business with exceptional standards of products, services and customer service

Gold: A business with high standards of products, services and customer service

Silver: A business with upper levels of standards of products, services and customer service

Advanced: A business with progressive, improving standards of products, services and customer service

Starter: A business on the path to achieving high standards of products, services and customer service

What We Do

We independently check all businesses on this site, verify them and rate them based on our own findings.

Due to the number of ratings websites with fake reviews, we eliminate any doubt for the consumer by providing our own independent ratings.

We also host an annual awards ceremony where the top businesses in each category are invited to attend the awards ceremony.  Awards will be handed out to the top performing businesses in each category.  

All our accredited businesses and companies  have their own unique registration number.

How We Do It

When a business has asked to be accredited by us, we will visit the business premises to sample whatever they have to offer, without them, knowing who we are.

If we stay at a hotel, we do not disclose who we are until we have checked out to ensure that we get the same, genuine service that you will receive.

If a trade or construction business asks to join, we will need to see 4 of their recent jobs before we rate them.

If a shop or online service asks to join, we will act as a secret shopper before we rate them.

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